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Sunday, June 23, 2024 

Item Number: ARB-110
Description: Bride of Frankenstein - 1965 - Aurora Reproduction Box
Price: $30.00 USD
Box or Boxfront Poster

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Frankenstein must have his mate and Aurora responded in 1965 with the Bride.

This is a full size 13 X 7 X 2 reproduction of the original Aurora box. The image is scanned, photo enhanced and printed on a single sheet that is professionally positioned and adhered to the box lid. A box bottom is also included and the entire package is shrink-wrapped for a look that sends you back in time to the shelves of your hobby shop.

We are now offering boxfront posters 24 X 10 inches of our aurora repro and fantasy boxes (wider boxes are 24 X 13 size) - price $14.00 each. These are giclee printed on a acid-free poster stock and laminated for a brilliant and bold appearance. Just the right size to draw attention and allow for several to be displayed.