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Tuesday, April 16, 2024 

Item Number: B-099
Description: 7 DC Super Hero Club Pinback Buttons - Button World Reproductions
Price: $59.95 USD
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All 7 DC Super Hero Club Pinback Buttons 3.5" - Button World Reproductions - with Header Cards printed front and back. This set also includes the Batman Deputy Crime Fighter button with header card (not pictured).

You're going have a hard time finding all 7 of the original ultra rare vintage, 1966 Button World DC Super Hero Club buttons with original header cards. You've always wanted to own them, but it's almost impossible, and even if a set would turned up, it'd likely cost you $800 dollars or more.

So, do the smart thing. Put these accurate reproductions in your collection! It's the correct three-and-a-half-inch size -- unlike the other too-small 'Super Hero Club' three-inch reproductions currently available on eBay and elsewhere. We also have these buttons available with a Magnetic Back.