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Tuesday, February 20, 2024 

Item Number: CS-101
Description: Classics NOT Illustrated Card Set
Price: $25.00 USD

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Series One contains 25 cards. This Set contains fantasy covers to stories by many different authors; however, H.P. Lovecraft is the featured author of Series One. The cards are more than twice the size of baseball cards (4 x 6) and are printed on a heavy glossy card stock. The covers look so real that some individuals will believe they read them as a child.


Classics "Not" Illustrated - Cover Paintings from a World That Never Was!




Eleven Cards from the Series One Set

The idea for this series of "Cover Paintings from a World That Never Was" originated from the dreams of artist Pete Von Sholly. While asleep he entered a store and found all the great things (comics, magazines, toys, and other childhood pleasures) that never really existed in our known universe. They were there within his very grasp; unsuspected treasures for the taking! Then as he awakens something awful happens - he didn't have any money, the treasures started to fade from the shelves or they weren't there when he returned and the store was closed down. Then all that is left is a fleeting memory of a treasure trove that existed only in his mind. These cards represent only a handful of the treasures that existed in "Earth-Von Sholly".

"Classics Illustrated" is a trademark of Frawley Corporation and its exclusive licensee, First Classics, Inc., a subsidiary of Classics International Entertainment, Inc. and is used on these cards only as a historical association to demonstrate what could have been - and in no way represents any future projects by the trademark owner.